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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  May 14, 2012 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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police in riot gear clear out occupy farm in albany. nine people were arrested this morning. what's next for demonstrators? i'm christie smith, i'll have more in a live report. and the latest on the shakeup at yahoo. a new ceo this morning. and just minutes ago, governor jerry brown laid out details of a new budget plan warning californians about a ballooning deficit. a busy day on two wheels. that's a live look at san francisco from the chopper. some of the business cyclists rolling from northern california to southern california in the amgen tour. the news at 11:00 starts right now.
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good morning. thanks for being with us. i'm marla tellez. >> i'm jon kelley. a familiar scene for the occupy movement, police versus protesters. berkeley moves in to reclaim a research site. they lined up outside the plot occupied by protesters around 6:00 this morning. they then moved in and cleared out the campers. christie smith has been following this all morning and has new developments as she joins us live from albany. good morning, christie. >> reporter: good morning, jon. uc police put a lot of resources into it. nearly 100 police officers from eight different campuses. they ended up arresting nine people here this morning at occupy, the farm. right now, uc police are standing against the fence because every now and then someone tries to jump over and continue to water crops. demonstrators say they were trying to meet the university
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halfway. uc police in riot helmets announced protesters would be arrested this morning. they say they gave a ten minute count down. >> got a wakeup call that there was a lot of visitors, a lot of riot police officers, so i went and checked it out, went back to my pen, broke it down. >> reporter: two were arrested inside, uc says despite most agreeing not to camp any more, ten people remained and research needed to start. >> this is meticulous research that needs to happen here, and you can't do good science when you have a few dozen uninvited, untrained guests roaming around what is an open air laboratory. >> reporter: activists that moved onto the property april 22nd as a protest against future development and to promote urban farming said they had been trying to negotiate, that they wanted to farm, not camp. >> we were demonstrating, pretty
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clear, good faith effort to meet their demands and cooperate and work with them. so i felt safe going home thinking that they would not, you know, surprise us with a police raid. >> reporter: by 10:00 this morning, the university's heavy equipment moved onto the land, the shouting not over. and that heavy equipment is still out here this morning. so far, we haven't seen them destroying crops, but they have been taking down small structures. i asked a spokesman what would happen to the land. he said they're trying to preserve as much as possible of crops planted here. as for the activists, i asked them what's next. they said they're meeting tomorrow at 5:00 in albany to decide what to do. live in albany, christie smith, nbc bay area news. in the business and tech world, yahoo employees gather later today for an all hands meet to go hear from the newest
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ceo, ross levinsohn. this is a day after scott thompson was dismissed over a resume error. scott mcgrew talked with industry insiders about the last straw. >> good morning. remember friday we talked about a headhunter firm. scott thompson senior said erroneous claims he graduated with a computer science degree came from a low level staffer at that company. years back, years ago when he was executive at paypal, thompson said all the claims had he a computer science degree there on came from an error, an error he never said he noticed. hien rick and struggles showed the yahoo board the resume he gave them years ago, on it, his own claims he had a computer science degree. the other news this morning, "the wall street journal" says mr. thompson told the yahoo board he has cancer, thyroid cancer, that's all we know.
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i have several calls into oncologists. thyroid cancer is wide ranging, there are types that are curable and kinds that are not. we'll continue to follow that as well. here is everything you need to know. executive summary. scott thompson out, ross levinsohn, new incident rim ceo. daniel loeb now on the board, and roy bostock leaving immediately, fred a.m. ross oh becoming chairman. the story continues to change. yahoo having a hands on meeting today. we will continue to cover it tonight at 5:00 and 6:00. this morning, governor jerry brown revealing the revised state budget and the news isn't good. he detailed numbers about an hour ago in sacramento. brown says due to lower than expected revenues and court rulings that blocked cuts, the budget deficit has grown to $16 billion. governor brown says raising
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taxes is the only way to avoid major cuts to public schools, colleges, and public safety. >> we're going to have to cut deeper, but cutting alone really doesn't do it. that's why i'm linking the serious budget reductions, real increase to austerity, with a plea to the voters, please increase taxes temporarily. >> the budget relies heavily on a proposed temporary quarter current tax hike on the november ballot. he also wants to increase income tax on those making $250,000 or more. a san francisco woman is safe after police officers helped her fend off an attacker. about 11:00 last night, two officers say they heard a woman screaming at mission and fremont streets and spotted her wrestling with a man, trying to steal her purse. >> the suspect confronted the woman and then actually ripped her purse off her and threw it to the ground. it is kind of somewhat of a more
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violent robbery that they interrupted. >> the officers say the suspect pulled a gun as they approached. one of the officers fired a shot, but no one was hurt or hit. the suspect dropped his weapon and was taken into custody. another police shooting in the north bay in napa left a man wounded overnight. officers were chasing a man through a neighborhood on parish road about 11:00 when a struggle began. the officer fired once, hitting the suspect. he is being treated at the hospital. the officer on paid administrative leave. bay area drivers sharing the rose with some of the best bikers in the entire world this morning. the second stage of the amgen tour just under way in san francisco. mike inouye is joining us with a look at what's going on and what the roads have to watch for delays. >> good morning, folks. we'll take you out there, marina green is where they were pulled up. they're not sharing the road
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with anybody except each other. they bike for stage two, kicking off a few minutes ago. the chopper shows they caught the pace kacar a second. they are headed down the great highway, join with highway 1 further south. this shows you montara, and this will be an issue for highway 1, traffic control and rolling breaks down pest ka dar oh and santa cruz county. that's peter sagan until three or four miles to the end yesterday, blew out the back tire, changed it, caught up with the pack, caught them for the end, dramatic end to stage one at santa rosa yesterday. we expect to see equal activity this afternoon heading over the climbs. tomorrow, stage three starts in san jose, headed towards mount diablo. people have been crying for that to be part of the race and it is this year. and livermore, tying up local
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streets. the freeways from the initial start when it was a problem across golden gate bridge, wasn't a good move. we will follow them on the route until they get to beverly hills later on. thank you. >> close quarters there, wheel to wheel, at high speed, got to watch it. >> a whole lot of spandex. >> you noticed that. >> i did notice. >> i wonder why. how is the forecast? >> it was a cold start this morning. you can comfortably wear your spandex now. marla has lots of spandex. good morning to you. she likes to work out. if you want to work out, if you have plans to get outdoors, now the situation is improving. we have a full deck of clouds. it was just overcast and dreary until now, 11:09, sun breaking through the clouds, temperatures warming on the way. 68 in gilroy, 65 in sunnyvale.
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upper 50s and low 60s at the coast because of on shore flow. we have a little area of low pressure trying to inch into the bay area. we might see light showers, it is possible, as we head through this afternoon. overall, calling it mostly cloudy, becoming sunny. warm inland today. tomorrow, temperatures spike by 10 degrees. then we get another round of beach weather. you can trade in spandex shorts for the bikini, marla tellez. >> i'm not going to blush. >> i'm going to leave that alone, work that out. thanks for that visual. coming up, president obama's new cover shot that has people talking. and some big time fallout from a big time blunder. the latest on changes at the top of a big u.s. bank. and stricter regulations for utility executives. i'm bob redell, i take you live to san francisco with one local lawmaker is proposing. also, your summer travel could include a trip to the
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games. the deals travel agents say are still out there when it comes to the olympics. and our chopper. live hot on the heels, or hot on the wheels of the second leg of the amgen tour. the cyclists look like they're cing themselves for the heavy stuff.
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welcome back. protesters are greeting shareholders at pg&e, demanding changes on several fronts from smart meters to executive salaries. nbc bay area bob redell is live in san francisco with efforts by one lawmaker to limit corporate bonuses. bob? >> reporter: yeah, good morning to you, marla. i know most of the protesters packed up and left. they had been out here within the past hour or so to talk about the smart meter program, protesting it because they don't like it, because of concerns over electromagnetic radiation and the cost to opt out. yes, moments ago, assemblyman
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harrell said he would announce a bill that would fine executives a million dollars from their own pocket if they violate rules instead of the current $20,000. wouldn't allow rate payer for bonuses. bonuses based on performance. this is based on outrage at the $39 million peter darby got when he left the company, outraged because during his time there were two fatal gas explosions, one that killed eight people and ruined a neighborhood. they have to give a portion of that bonus if they have violations like gas explosions that take place under their watch. >> this bill prevents executives from parachuting away scott free when violations occurred under their watch. executives will be on the hook for any violations that occurred
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in the previous five years. >> i think it is unnecessary. i think there are plenty of tools that the regulator has, that prosecutors have to deal with issues. we have not only three investigations going on, but also there are criminal investigations looking into what happened at san bruno. we don't need another layer of regulation in california. >> reporter: that was the pg&e ceo holding a news conference before the first shareholder meeting with the company. he outlined three priorities for 2012, one, long term growth, he announced they finished restructuring splitting gas and electric into two divisions, rebuilding relationships, he knows how bad things have been with pg&e and pretty much everyone outside the company and within the company, he is trying to focus on that, and resolving legal and regulatory issues regarding san bruno. he estimates the entire cost of pg&e could be from a billion to 2 billion, somewhere in that range, total cost when you take
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in settlements with people that were hurt and killed and regulation and fines, that sort of thing. live outside pg&e headquarters, bob redell, nbc bay area news. the cheer executive officer for jp morgan chase stepping down after a $2 billion blunder. she announced she's leaving after more than 30 years from the company. drew is the chief investment officer that oversaw the complex hedge bet that ultimately spiralled out of control, got ugly in a hurry. two people that worked under her are expected to resign. jp morgan's credit was downgraded in a monster way and the company lost 15 billion in value on the stock market after news of the massive loss was announced. a heart wrenching story to warn people about the dangers of distracted driving. one of the most poignant from here in the bay area. >> i mean, it was a huge loss for us. even though her, we lost her, we
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want everything that happened because of it to change other people's behavior. >> the story of losing his two-year-old granddaughter, killed in a park two years ago, her mother critically injured when a teenager hit them in a crosswalk. the teen admitted she was texting at the time while behind the wheel. the youtube video is one of a series posted by u.s. department of transportation. it comes on the heels of a chp report that shows deputies handed out 30,000 citations in april as part of distracted driving month. a busy day for president obama as he stops in new york city. the president delivering a key note address at barnard college. he will also receive a metal from that school. a little later in the day, president obama attending a lesbian and gay campaign event hosted by singer ricky martin. this comes after the president of course recently voiced his support for same sex marriages.
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newsweek magazine is challenging time for the most controversial cover. next week's magazine the first gay president. the cover story written by andrew sullivan, an openly gay political blogger. last week, he wrote the president's support of gay marriage literally brought him to tears. two months to the olympic games in london. if you think it is too late to get in on the action without breaking the bank, think again. the olympic torch is on the way to london for the summer games. travel experts say maybe you should head that way, too. >> there are tickets, there are hotels. you can even get into the games. >> there are still bargains on flights to london, plus transportation to and from olympic venues. it is free, provided you have a ticket to the game. even if you can't or don't want into the games, bbc is setting up big screens for free viewing. nbc bay area is your home for
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complete olympics coverage. visit our website any time,, for in depth articles and insider stories. just search olympics. >> the count down is on. let's check in with meteorologist christina loren. a chilly start to the day. looks like we're warming up a little? >> warming up a little today. warming up big time tomorrow. if you miss the 80s, hold on through today. tomorrow the 80s return. you can see the live look at sunol. the clouds are breaking apart inland, east bay and south bay seeing sunshine break through the clouds. meanwhile, still have a full deck over san francisco down the peninsula. as a result, those microclimates make themselves known today. we are going to see temperatures much cooler at the coast versus inland highs. it all works out like this. highs on the cool side by the water. 63 in san francisco, 69 in santa rosa, mild conditions in places like napa and fairfield. touching on the low 70s.
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tomorrow, tack on another 10 degrees, that's what we're expecting. don't forget, our boys are back in town on a good winning streak. taking on the rockies at 7:15. 52 degrees. 10 to 20 miles per hour winds west northwest. a splash down for our boys. high pressure firmly in control of the weather pattern. you can see the storm track well to the north. we have a cutoff low. call it a cutoff low because it cuts off from the main storm track. for us, that ushered in strong on shore flow. today, we have cloudy conditions. tomorrow we lose the cloud cover by about 9:00 a.m. as a result, temperatures spike by 10 degrees. all works out like this. 73 degrees inland today. 63 by the bay, and 60 in places like half moon pay and pacifica. tuesday, 82. inland, jump temperatures by 10 degrees, staying warm wednesday. thursday and friday, we cool off a touch to warm up in time for the weekend. beach weather returns.
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back to you guys. >> great timing. >> break out the sun tan lotion and beach balls. experts say the state needs to go on a spending spree when it comes to one major transportation project. we'll show you why. angry with the dmv. the case of a peninsula man accused of torching a cadillac after having the car towed. ♪
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creamy, dreamy peanut butter taste in a tempting new cereal. mmm! [ female announcer ] new multi-grain cheerios peanut butter. a daly city man accused of torching a car in a parking lot last month heads to court. he is accused of setting fire to a cadillac last month that he thought belonged to a dmv employee, he was wrong. he was reportedly angry after paying a fine for an expired registration, and police still wouldn't release his vehicle. the whole thing was caught on surveillance cameras. he is back in court this morning for a preliminary hearing.
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he is still in custody, held on $100,000 bail. new evidence this morning the state needs to speed up spending for the state's high speed rail project. transportation experts say the state will have to spend $3.5 million a day, every day, to meet deadlines for federal funding for just the central valley stretch. the first $6 billion spent would have to be invested in the project before 2017, making it the fastest rate of transportation construction in u.s. history. the experts say that's a pretty quick pace, considering the state still needs to get permits by land and hire hundreds of workers. here is something to contemplate. do you complain too much, don't pay your bills? blacklist.on a busins >> we willxplain. stay with us.
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clouds. at this point, mostly cloudy at the coast. we're getting sunshine in the south bay and east bay, you saw the east shore as well. 83 degrees by wednesday. temperatures jump the next couple days, cool off to the 70s thursday and friday. have a great monday. back to you guys. >> thank you, christina. finally this morning, a brand new website blowing the whistle on customers behaving badly. >> called business beware. keeps track of patrons that are chronic complainers. don't pay their bills, always trying to get things for free. once businesses are members of the site, they are allowed to video the database, which includes a list of custom monsters. business beware says one of the most valued features is getting customers to pay up by threatening to put them on that website. >> new idea for a halloween outfit. a custom monster. >> okay, thanks so much for being with us? join us tonight at 5:00, 6:00, and 11:00. >> leave you with a live look at
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the amgen bike tour heading south!
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